Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A woman was cleaning her house when a rat came and chewed holes in her cloth. She screamed which alerted the rat and made it run away. The rat came back the next day, but she was ready. The woman had put some cheese out which had been poisoned. Once again the rat came. He sniffed the cheese, nibbled it, and ran away. The next day, the rat was back AGAIN. The woman was outraged. She followed the rat and found the hole where it lived. She checked for ways to get out besides the one entry, but found none, so she plugged up the hole. STILL, the rat was back the next day, steeling food and ripping pages fom books. The woman checked the hole, but it was still closed shut. Finally, she gave up and moved away. How did the rat survive being poisoned and how did he escape his hole without unplugging it?